Young Entrepreneurs

David Weatherholt explores what it takes to be a young entrepreneur in this entertaining and educational “Getting Down to Business.” Young Grace Higgins became an entrepreneur by raising, showing and selling a pig for 4-H. Along with her cousin Hannah Hutchison, she set out to make a profit by controlling costs, properly caring for her pig and soliciting sponsors. David Weatherholt can attest to Grace’s natural sales ability, as she convinced him to sponsor her. Grace’s father Dale also joins the show to provide moral support and some math help.

Amanda Cullen, president of Zoo in a Jungle Marketing, takes up the conversation with marketing advice for farms and agriculture businesses. She advises farms to keep their marketing “creative and fun,” with tips on how to start.

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Young Entrepreneurs


  1. [...] Recently, my colleague David Weatherholt sponsored a young 4-Her raising a pig. He brought her on his radio show, “Getting Down to Business”(in Anchorage on Fox News Talk 1020), to discuss the adventures of young entrepreneurialism. [...]

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