Creating a Business Loan Package

Outlook Grows Bleak on Main Street

In the eyes of the average small business, the U.S. economy is still in a recession and likely to stay that way through 2012.  A new survey, commissioned by the U.S. Bancorp one of several reports out in recent weeks painting a more dismal picture for American small businesses than previously perceived. Listen for my recap, and read the full article on the Wall Street Journal site.

How to prepare a business loan package

The American reserve banking system evolved from Goldsmiths.  In most early towns, the only vault belonged to the Goldsmith who began holding the valuables and money of others in the community.  Today’s bank lending evolved from these practices.  Andy Riddell, VP at Wells Fargo talks about the bank’s side of the lending process including explaining the 5 C’s of Credit.  Listen to find out the best way prepare a business loan package.

Alaska Economics

The U.S. economy is made up of all the individual state economies.  Listen as Dan Robinson, Senior Economist with the McDowell Group discusses the two common beliefs about the relationship between Alaska’s economy and the U.S. economy.  ”Historical data doesn’t really support either of those beliefs,” according to Dan. Listen for his view.

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Creating a Business Loan Package

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