Introducing the Alaska Wild
Institute of Management Accounts Alaska

November 2007.  Download Presentation 
af2 Board Meeting  San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Anchorage East Rotary, 2006
Anchorage Downtown Rotary, 2006
Anchorage South Rotary, October 2006
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A Wild Ride
The business behind sports can be as tumultuous as the game itself!  David knows this firsthand as he brought a "sports entertainment franchise to Alaska, the "Last Frontier" 
Anchorage East Rotary, August 2012
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Business Week at UAF, July 2012
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Marketing Class at UAA, February 2012
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​Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, January 2011  Download Presentation 

Enjoy the Ride
Institute of Management Accounts, October 2010.  Do you like your job?  If you don't or you feel that things could be better, you will benefit from David's proactive approach to career planning. Download Presentation 

Reading the Signs

Investment Club March 2011.  Economic indicators that affect your business.  David takes you below the surface of "economic news" and gives you no spin just the facts.  Understand economic indicators and how they will impact you business.

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Empowering Authors
The Alaska Writers Guild, March 2012.  Publishing a book meant getting the attention of a publisher.  David talks about his experience self publishing its empowerment and the new challenges. Download Presentation

Show Me the Money!
Alaska Pacific University, April 2013.  Cash is the lifeblood of every business.  David discusses what management gets from accounting and what they really need.  Download Presentation 

The Entrepreneur
University of Alaska Anchorage, September 2013.  What is an entrepreneur?  In this presentation David focuses on the key characteristics of an entrepreneur.  Download Presentation 

Starting a Radio Show
The Getting Down to Business® story, presented to the Toastmaster ~ Chugach Power Talkers, December 2014.  How would you start a talk-radio program?  Listen as David recounts how he started his program. 

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Need a Speaker for Your Event?
David Weatherholt has a unique combination of marketing and finance expertise that brings penetrating insight to any organization.  A serial entrepreneur, he has amassed a lifetime of business experience.  David says, "Become better not bitter, learn from your mistakes".

An accomplished public speaker David also hosts a syndicated talk-radio program for small business owners, managers, employees and entrepreneurs, called "Getting Down to Business®."






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